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Financial Ratings Series Online - includes important financial literacy tools from Weiss Ratings and Grey House Publishing. With Weiss Financial Ratings, you can check the values and ratings of stocks, mutual funds and exchange traded funds. Check ratings of banks, credit unions and insurance companies.  To watch a brief tutorial, follow this link. PPL

Freegal Music - Use your Plymouth Public Library card to sign onto Freegal Music. Freegal allows users to stream music directly to their smartphone, tablet, computer, or other personal device. Listen to today's top hits and classics in all genres. The Freegal Music app is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play Store. PPL

Plan Builder is a step-by-step online planning tool for starting, managing and optimizing a business or nonprofit. The program’s intuitive dashboard walks users through five areas of exploration to develop a business plan focused on long-term success.  It distills entrepreneurial activities into Entrepreneur Profile, Business Ideation, Break-Even Analysis, Business Plans, and Financial Projects. Robust and proven financial templates and business frameworks like Lean Canvas and SWOT analysis are combined with a conversational approach that assumes no exposure to business planning.

Medlineplus.gov is trusted health information for you from the National Library of Medicine.