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Fehlow Meeting Room– 250 capacity, piano, projector, podium, sound system, chairs, tables, kitchenette adjoining

Otto Fehlow Room at the Plymouth Public Library


Board Room – capacity 15, projector, large table, chairs

Board Room at the Plymouth Public Library

Meeting Pods – capacity 2, chairs, small table, power outlets,

Meeting Room Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a meeting room?

You can request a room via our website,


Does the library charge for use of meeting rooms?

We are not charging at this time.


What are my obligations when using library space?

Users of library space are responsible for reporting attendance numbers to the Circulation Desk prior to leaving the library, room setup, and making sure that the room is returned to its original formation and as clean as you found it.


May I serve food or beverages at my meeting?

Yes! Food and beverages are allowed in all areas of the library with the exception of the History Room. The Fehlow Meeting Room is equipped with a small kitchen. You are not expected to take your trash with you when you leave. We have the means to dispose of waste, but all trash must be placed in the appropriate containers.


What is the earliest time I can book my meeting?

The library opens at 10AM so that is the earliest time we can permit the public to enter the building. If a few people would like entrance prior to that time in order to set up the room, permission must be obtained in advance. 


How far in advance may I book my meeting?

We allow meeting room bookings on a quarterly basis. Our schedule is below:

  • For January – March, we start booking in November
  • For April – June, we start booking in February
  • For July-September, we start booking in May
  • For October-December, we start booking in August


May I book ongoing meetings out indefinitely?

No. Meetings must be rebooked quarterly according to the schedule provided above. 


May I run my business from a library meeting room?

Library meeting rooms are not available for retail or commercial use. 


I’ve requested a room. How quickly can I expect a response?

You can expect a response within 2-3 business days.


Can the library set up the room for me?

Library staff are unable to assist with room setup at this time. 


Which rooms have projectors? Can library staff offer technical support?

The Fehlow Room and the Board Room each have projectors. Library staff can offer limited technical support at this time. 


Does the Fehlow Room have tables?

Yes! You may move them to whatever configuration works best for your meeting, but they must be returned to their original configuration before you leave. 


The Nook Road Rooms are described as “partially private.” What does that mean?

The Nook Road Rooms are not enclosed, but they are slightly off the beaten path. These rooms are best used for quiet discussions rather than presentations or raucous gatherings. 


May I reserve a room for a day or evening when the library is closed?

No. Rooms can only be reserved for use during regular operating hours. These hours are:

  • The South Street Location:  M, Tu, W: 10-9; Th: 10-6; F, Sa: 10-5:30
  • The Manomet Branch Location: M, W, Sa: 9-5 Th: 9-9


What are the maximum occupancy levels for each room?

Maximum occupancy for each room is as follows:

  • The Fehlow Meeting Room – 250
  • The Board Room –  15
  • Nook Road Rooms – 20
  • Story Room – 10
  • Front Lawn – 1000
  • Richard M. Shiff Garden – 250
  • Manomet Branch Meeting Room – 25


Does the library provide furniture for use in the Shiff Garden or Front Lawn?

We do not, but you are welcome to bring your own.


My group is not a nonprofit organization. May we book a library room?

We are allowing private groups to book library rooms on a limited basis.