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We truly appreciate all of your support. We very much miss all the volunteers who regularly contributed countless hours to our operations. Unfortunately, while the Library buildings are closed to the public, we are unable to accept any donations of books or other physical items. Please consider making a monetary donation if you are able.  […]

Book Finder – Let Us Connect You With Books You’ll Like

We would like to introduce a new service to you:  Book Finder, a way to provide you with personalized recommendations for choosing what to read. We provide a detailed form that you submit to us about your reading preferences, favorite books, and so on. The information you provide will enable us to create a list […]

Have you explored Watch how to get started!

Did you know that is available to patrons of the Plymouth Public Library to use for free? – to directly access this resource click is the largest online newspaper archive. It is organized with a special focus on full runs and portions of runs of well-known, regional and state titles in addition to […]

Introducing Book Match – Personalized Reading Recommendations For Kids

The Youth Services Department has rolled out BookMatch, a new service to provide you with personalized reading recommendations for your children. Follow this link for more details. We provide a brief form that you submit to us about your child’s age, favorite books, and so on. The information you provide will enable us to create […]

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Not sure how to use some of our online resources?  Now is a great time to learn. We have a collection of short video tutorials available to you which show you how to quickly get started.  Watch the video below to learn more.

Pantry-Friendly Cookbooks To Inspire You

Are you cooking more than ever these days? Using more pantry staples? Perhaps less meat and more of the seasonal produce on the grocery shelves? Even though we can’t loan you cookbooks from our shelves at the moment, there are many great titles available as Ebooks. Try browsing this list – every title is available […]