Youth Services – Special Programs

Youth Services Department - Special Programs


The Youth Services Department has been privileged to develop many of our programs with funds donated from the Jen Kane Scholarship and Charitable Trust which provides scholarships, endowments and donations to charitable foundations in memory of Jen Kane, a Plymouth native who lost her life in the World Trade Center on September 11th.

Coming up next:  families with children ages 5 and up are invited to join us with Master Potter Rick Hamelin for a fast paced educational program on Sunday, January 26th at 2:00.

Come learn about the making of golems (clay creatures that have been magically brought to life), Storytellers (clay figurines made by the Pueblo people of New Mexico), face jugs and many other figural forms while sharing the fascinating history and multicultural stories hidden in each piece of clay.

The entire group will have the opportunity of passing from person to person a freshly made pot from the potter’s wheel and get the chance to feel a dry and wet pot as it rotates on the wheel. Each person will also make a pinch pot (cup made from a ball of clay by pinching the clay with the thumb and finger). The unfired piece goes home with the participant.

Because of limited space, registration is required.  Click here to sign up.

Watch this space for information about programming developed in memory of Jen Kane.