Track Your Summer Reading Online with Beanstack


This project is brought to you through a LSTA grant awarded by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.

Plymouth Public Library … Where Every Story Has a Home ! We are bringing our 2020 Summer Reading Program to you virtually with Beanstack! On Beanstack, you can log your reading and activities to earn tickets for prize drawings! The end date for our program has been extended - the final date to participate is now September 15, 2020.

How to get started:

  1. Download the Beanstack app or visit our website at
  2. Register readers. You can create an account for yourself and your child. You do not need to have an account for yourself if you are just signing up a child (but there are great prizes for you too!)
  3. Enroll each reader for the Summer Reading Program that corresponds with their age. There are summer reading challenges for all ages: children, teens, and adults!
  4. Log reading to earn badges and tickets for prizes. Complete activities to earn additional badges.

Not sure you can master Beanstack? No worries. You can call or email us and we can do the in-put for you.

Here's how Summer Reading works:

With this year's theme, "Plymouth Public Library … Where Every Story Has a Home," we have chosen our free community summer reading books to reflect our heritage as we celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims' arrival in Plymouth. (If you haven't signed up for your book yet, follow this link to get a copy of the book of your choice). That said, with this broad a theme, you can basically read any sort of book you like! Audiobooks and graphic novels also count! Through Beanstack, participants will have the opportunity to log their reading through the website or app. This will give them the opportunity to earn prize tickets and virtual badges. To earn additional badges, participants can complete activities. Once a participant has completed the challenge,they can continue with the challenge to earn additional badges.

Children's Summer Reading Program (Ages 0-12) - There are two challenges for children: one for children ages 0-5, and one for children ages 6-12. In order to complete the challenge, a child will have to earn 10 badges.

Teen Summer Reading Program (Ages 13-18) - In order to complete the challenge, teens will have to earn 10 badges. After completion, they can continue to log their reading and complete activities after completion to earn additional badges.

Adult Summer Reading Program (Ages 18+) - To complete the challenge, adults will need to log a total of 7 books throughout the summer. One raffle ticket and badge will be awarded for each book finished (up to 7 books) and a final raffle ticket will be awarded for completing the challenge. Adults can also complete activities for additional badges.

Frequently Asked Questions: