Poet Laureate

Plymouth is Seeking A Poet Laureate

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The Plymouth Public Library is pleased to be part of the process facilitating the choice of a Poet Laureate for Plymouth!

The role of the Plymouth Poet Laureate is to elevate poetry in the consciousness of Plymouth residents and to promote the community’s values, history, people, and cultural traditions through literary arts. The Plymouth Poet Laureate is an honorary two-year appointment from 2020 to 2022. During that term, the Poet Laureate will advocate for poetry, literature, and the arts, as well as contribute to the community’s literary legacy through public readings and participation in civic events. The Poet Laureate is encouraged to actively propose and lead community projects that strengthen the program’s purpose.

During the inauguration of the Poet Laureate in April 2020, the successful nominee will be expected to deliver a public recitation of an original poem that educates an audience to some exemplary person or action from Plymouth’s 400 year history.

At the Library on Thursday, February 20, we were honored to host the Poet Laureate Panel finalist presentations with presentation by the four talented finalists seeking to become Plymouth's first poet laureate:

Photographs of the event by Denise Maccaferri are now available.  The gallery is unlocked so that anyone who visits it by following the link may download photos.  There is no password needed to download. To download individual photos, just click on the downward-facing arrow under the photo. To download all the photos at one time, click on the downward-facing arrow in the lower right corner of the large gallery banner photo, next to the GREEN Buy Photos button.  Then enter the email address to where you want a zip file of the photos sent.  Within a minute or two, an email with the zip file will arrive.

Thursday, February 20 – Poet Laureate Finalists Reception & Presentations