Print Motivation – Loving Books

2013 05 02_0008_edited-1Print Motivation

Print Motivation is the interest in and enjoyment of books. This skill is supported by reading with your child, attending story time, showing that you love reading, and encouraging your child to choose books that he or she enjoys.


  • Make books an everyday part of your child’s life.
  • Read when your child is in a good mood, so that the experience will be a positive one. Don’t force reading, or any particular book, if your child isn’t interested.
  • Have your child tell you about a story you have just finished reading. Help your child to write it down in his or her own words.
  • Does your child have a favorite book or character? Let your child decide what he or she reads to develop print motivation.
  • Choose books that you (the grown-up) enjoy. Your child picks up on your feelings and understands the enjoyment of books and reading.
  • Read to yourself in your free time. It’s never too early to model the enjoyment of books and reading.