Narrative Skills – Storytelling

Story TimeNarrative Skills – Storytelling

Narrative skills are all about storytelling and understanding how stories work. Children should begin to understand that stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Being able to describe things and tell events in order, as well as being able to re-tell stories, aids in later reading comprehension skills. Discuss what happens in a story with your child. Ask your child what he or she remembers about familiar stories and even familiar ways of doing things, to encourage this skill.


  • Allow children to talk about what they already know, and re-tell real life events. This helps them to understand how stories work.
  • As you go about your day, narrate your actions in simple terms. At the grocery store, you could say, “First, we’ll buy cake mix and eggs, and then we’ll go home to make cupcakes.” Talk about the steps needed to make those cupcakes, too!
  • Ask questions that encourage your child to describe things. Instead of asking yes/no questions (“Do you have your shoes on?”) you could ask, “Where are your shoes?”
  • Practice sharing familiar stories, such as The Three Bears, without a book. Re-telling stories helps your child to understand how stories work, which in turn helps to develop critical thinking skills.