1000 Books Before Kindergarten @ the PPL

Can YOU read 1000 Books Before Kindergarten?

(We think you can!) 

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Studies have shown that the more children ages 0-5 hear books read to them at home, the more prepared they will be to learn to read upon reaching kindergarten. 1000 Books Before Kindergarten is an self-guided, ongoing program for all children, from birth up until they start school, with the goal of encouraging every child to read at least 1000 books before kindergarten. Any book your child hears counts toward their program goal, including coming to story time at the library and books that you have read before, so children can begin this program at any age and easily meet their goal!

Ready to start tracking?

Click here to register your child for 1000B4K, then stop by the library anytime to pick up your booklet!

What books can I record in my Tracking Booklet?

Any story your child hears read aloud to them counts, whether it’s a brand new book, a favorite bedtime story that you read every night, or one they hear at story time at the library!