Devices For Loan

Devices We Loan - You Can Check These Out!

Borrow a laptop

We offer Chromebook laptops for checkout. You can use a Chromebook to do just about anything you’d normally do online: read websites, check your email, watch videos, and work on simple files.

Check out the Internet

We have T-Mobile hotspots available for checkout. Hotspots are small, hockey-puck sized devices that allow you to access the Internet on your computer or wireless device for free

Stream Movies

Stream popular movies to your television over your wireless Internet connection. Check out a Roku device from the library, hook it up to your television, connect your WiFi network to the device and start watching movies on the library's Vudu channel

Download Ebooks

We have two Kindle Touch e-readers, as well as two older model Kindle Keyboard e-readers. The devices circulate empty; patrons can log onto the Library’s website to download e-books for free. Instructions are included with each device on how to register to an Amazon account, and also (for when you are finished), how to erase your information from the device.

Launchpad Tablets

Reserve one of our Playaway Launchpad tablets. These devices are pre-loaded with high-quality, ad-free apps that are both fun and educational. Content includes subjects from math and science to critical thinking and creativity. Launchpads for kids feature themed learning packs including animals, princesses, fantasy, nature, and more.