Annual Appeal 2020

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Right now, in addition to the exciting virtual events we are bringing to you in the immediate future, the Library is planning programs for next year. As we look ahead, it brings to mind the pies that everyone bakes to share on the holidays. Usually many kinds, with something for everyone and something to share with others.

Every year, the Plymouth Public Library Foundation brings more than 1,500 free, enriching and educational programs to the Library. To the community. To you. There are programs for little learners, programs for life-long learners and programs like “Literacy for Life” and “Homebound Outreach” to lift others along the way. The Foundation also brings extra resources and services to the Library it simply wouldn’t have otherwise.

The Town doesn’t fund any of the Library’s programs. It’s more like the crust in our holiday pie story. The Town gives the Library a solid foundation but not the sweet and satisfying fillings we need and want for ourselves and for others. Your gift to the Plymouth Public Library Foundation does that. Your gift keeps the Library at the hub of the community. Where it belongs. Where it’s needed. Where it makes a difference in thousands of people’s lives.

Thank you for your support. There’s an old saying: “Keep your fork.” It means, “The best is yet to come.” Here’s to a sweet new year!

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Thank you for your support.

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