Create Your Own Starry Night!

Calling art lovers:  join us on Zoom on Thursday, November 19 at 6:00 PM for a lesson from afar when the Richard M. Shiff Forum presents: Gregory Maichack, The Pastel – Starry Night Virtually.  (Please note the date change:  this program was originally scheduled to happen in August).

Learn how to draw Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting, Starry Night, in pastels. This virtual presentation will be a hands on art lesson from afar.

The recommended list of materials needed to be purchased by the attendees  include:

  1. Prismacolor 020553 Nupastel Non-Toxic Artist Pastel Stick 44: Pack of 12. Note: this pack of Artists Pastel Stick comes in assorted colors and is precise for illustration.  The Non-Toxic stick measuring 3 5/8 x 1/4 in – is artist’s quality. If you cannot find Nupastels use Dick Blick at https:/ or Jerry’s Artarama to compare prices and Loew-Cornell soft pastels basick color set of 48 colors is fine to use. If you already own your own pastels, any soft pastels are fine, no oil pastels. Colors needed for Starry Night – yellow, light sap green, bottle green (very dark green), Forest or Kelly green, dark brown (the darkest you can find), orange, black or indigo blue, light blue and ultramarine blue.
  2. Black paper – Canson Mi-Teintes Board is high quality and is made with cotton.  Any black pastel paper or paper with tooth for Starry Night will be fine; it can then be adhered to the board.  The size of the paper should be close to 12 x 18 inch or larger; suggested paper is Item # 13011-2008, No. 425, color black, size 16 x 20, single board  @ $4.75.
  3. General’s Charcoal Pencil White, Item # 20418-1001, price $1.49  // OR a Stabilo pastel pencil by CarbOthello 1400/110, which is a very light grey, almost white.
  4. Ruler: Westcott 12″, price $1.25.
You must register so that you will receive the remote access information when the event date is near.  Follow this link to sign up.
All questions regarding purchasing of pastels and related materials can be directed to Gregory Maichack, email
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