Access New York Times Digital Today!

Did you know that New York Times Digital is now available to all patrons of Old Colony Network libraries? This service includes unlimited article access on library computers, as well as promotional codes for remote access on your home computer or mobile device. Create an account or log in at using a library computer, or click here to redeem a promo code for remote access. (If you are a patron of the Manomet Branch, use this link).

In-library Access:

From a library computer, visit and create or log-in to your New York Times account

Outside the library:

Click here to redeem the promotional code. (Manomet Branch patrons click here).  After generating the code, you must create or log-in with your personal New York Times account.

Promotional code is active for 72 hours. After 72 hours, you can redeem a new code by clicking here. There are no limits on how many codes you can use.  Promo code access includes New York Times apps, “Today’s Paper”, and 5 Premium Archive (1923-1980) articles per day.


Unlimited access to content
International Edition and Chinese Edition
Historic Coverage 1851-1922 and 1981 to Current (1923-1980 only with off-site coupon, 5 articles per day)
Newsletters, Alerts & Times Wire
Sharing & Commenting
Times Topics
Search and Cross Searching
Real-Time Market Data & Company Research Pages
Mini Crossword puzzles (Full crossword puzzle not included)

Off-site only features:

New York Times Apps
Today’s Paper: Digital edition of today’s print edition
5 Premium Archive (1923-1980) articles per day

*Times Cooking is not included in the subscription.

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