Paranormal Presidential Ghost Stories

Join us on Wednesday, February 6th at 7:00 when we will present “Presidential Paranormal”, an entertaining look at the supernatural side of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, as well as those who have occupied it,including the ones that never left. From séances in the Crimson Room
with Mary Todd Lincoln to secret alien exchange programs under Dwight Eisenhower, there’s no shortage of weird when it comes to the White House.

Our guest speaker Tim Weisberg is the host of “Spooky Southcoast,”one of the world’s leading radio programs on the paranormal. He is a writer, researcher and producer on the television programs “Haunted Towns,” “Ghost Asylum” and “Ghost Stalkers.”  Tim has appeared on TV’s “Ghost Adventures,”  “My Ghost Story,” “MonsterQuest,” etc. He is the author of “Ghosts of the SouthCoast” and co-author of “Haunted Objects: Stories of Ghosts on Your Shelf.” When not working in the paranormal world, Tim is the Digital Managing Editor of radio & a sports writer for the New England Patriots.

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