Now in The Gallery: Oil and Water Do Mix

Don’t miss Oil and Water Do Mix, an exhibition in The Gallery at Plymouth Public Library which will be on display from December 7, 2017 to February 28, 2018. This show features the work of Judy Quinn and Andrew Kusmin, both of whom have studios in Plymouth.

Judy started her career as a fine arts photographer, initially exploring the combination of other media with photography, eventually leading her to explore papermaking, encaustic, and ultimately painting.

“The paintings in this show are from a few years back through the present day,” she tells us. “They are about the joy I found when I started painting with oil.” “The color, the feel of the paint on my brush was very seductive, but at the same time I found it very hard to let go of previous methods of expression. Hence the mixed media paintings, using blends of photographs printed onto transparent rice or oil paper, which with the compositional blending techniques become an integral part of the art.”

Andrew Kusmin tells us that, “I am inspired to stop, look and reflect on the story of life contained in small moments.” He has been painting for over twenty years and initially his subjects were mainly based on the classic rugged coast of New England. Most recently, he has turned to writing, with the publication of his new book Palette of Dreams, which deals with life, art, and teaching. In Andrew’s words: “For this exhibition, I have selected a few pieces discussed in the book, paintings that illustrate its premise, and others that show another, maybe less expected side of Andrew Kusmin. These are primarily subjects I approached only once, as they deal with isolated moments that impacted me in a singular, extraordinary way.”

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