The Gallery Now Featuring “Celebrating Our Differences”

Plymouth Public Library Corporation is delighted to announce a new art installation in The Gallery, Celebrating Our Differences, featuring works by Elise Pennypacker, Paula LaRue and Jill Voelker, which is on display from March 6 to May 1st.

PennypackerElise Pennypacker became aware of the world of art thanks to her mother, an amateur painter, and her sister, an art historian who for a few years was part of the New York City Abstract Expressionist school. Elise thought of herself as a craftsperson when she first started quilting. Today, creating colorful landscapes and abstracts, she calls herself a fiber artist.



Paula LaRue is recognized for her stylized paintings of glamorous people of an undefined era, often wearing evening clothes and glittery jewelry. These paintings make people smile. In both her lighthearted and more serious paintings, she continues to focus on people doing things, and she invites the viewer to create his/her own story about the characters depicted in her work.



VoelkerJill Voelker is a self-taught artist, yet with wonderful artistic influences derived from family members. Jill is currently an art instructor at the Plymouth Center for the Arts, where she offers an Inventive Drawing & Creative
Design class called Psychosymmetry. She is continuously excited to see what develops in her student’s work (and her own!) during a “spontaneous art exercise” – where one original piece can be reconfigured and transformed into many expressive designs.

If you are interested in learning about how to submit artwork for future showings, please click here.

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