The Gallery – Photography Show

Next time you visit the Library, make sure to take a look at The Gallery’s Fall Exhibition, a photography show featuring the work of Chip Anderson, David Bohl, and Beverly “Bev” Ness.

andersonphotoRichard “Chip” Anderson:  Born in 1960 and a graduate of Scituate High School and Northeastern University, Chip married his high school sweetheart, Bridgette and has been happily married for 33 years. Together, they own and operate Powder Horn Press in North Plymouth. Chip has been doing photography for over 50 years, beginning with a Polaroid, moving on to film and now digital. Recently, Chip has been focusing on night photography.

bohlphotoDavid Bohl:  A professional photographer for over 35 years, Bohl has always pursued his own creative vision through the fine art of photography. Equally enamored with beauty and the bizarre, he continues to seek out images that imbued themselves in the viewer’s mind. Whether symbolic or literal, these images prompt the viewer to ask questions such as, “How did he do that?”, “What am I looking at?”, and “Where is this anyway?”. It is only within the last three years that Bohl has exhibited his Fine Art images. Through observation and travel he hopes to achieve as much success in the art world as he has in his professional career.

ness-photoBev Ness:  Bev is co-owner, with her beloved sister Judith Christine, of Salmon Falls Photography. Bev and her sister spent a happy, adventurous, and sometimes mischievous childhood in the Connecticut River Valley in the little town of Northfield, MA, with most of their time spent outdoors. And that’s where some of their best New England childhood memories were made – in Salmon Falls swimming hole in Roaring Brook.  As they grew older, they often had cameras in hand to capture the magic of New England.  After many years of talking about starting a photography company to share their photos of beautiful New England life with others, a late mid-life awareness inspired the sisters to put pixels to camera and make good on their dream.

If you are interested in learning about how to submit artwork for future showings, please click here.

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