Six Great Things

Computer 101_0027_edited-1Using the library can save you *a lot of* money and who isn’t interested in that? Here are some ways you can save money by using the library instead of buying stuff yourself:

1. Get discounted trips to museums
Plymouth Public Library offers museum and zoo passes. Click here to learn more.

2. Get free audio books
We have loads of audio books, both on CD and also available to download. To learn more about how to download books, follow the links on our e-media page.  If you want to listen to an audio book on CD, here is the list of the newest titles we have.

3. Borrow movies on DVD or BluRay
Forget Red Box, not to mention all the movies and TV shows you can’t get on Netflix (or anywhere else) streaming. Libraries have had movies right alongside our books for decades. You can pick out a whole stack of movies for the weekend and it won’t cost you a penny. To see lists of the newest titles we have, click here.

4. Research your family tree for free
There are many genealogy websites out there and they cost quite a bit to use. Our library subscribes to a number of helpful resources, including the most popular of these sites,, which you can use for free at the library. It can be fun to see where your family came from and what their histories look like.  Click here to see our many subscription resources.

5. The Internet: we’ve got that
While a lot of people these days have Internet at home, what happens when your device or Internet goes down, or if you’re one of the many without home Internet access? If you need to apply for jobs, check email, or communicate with family and friends, you can do it all at the library. We have computers for public use (see more about that here), as well as WiFi to which you can connect your own device – all free! You can also print, and at the Main Library you can scan documents (at no charge).

6. Find great bargains on used books
We now are able to offer a large selection of books for sale year round. Check out the Plymouth Public Library Corporation Bookstore (to your right as you enter the lobby at the Main Library). Recent best sellers and books on all sorts of topics can be found – the inventory changes constantly, you never know what you’re going to find.

If you haven’t tried out the library in a while, come say hi!

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