Senior Services & Outreach


The Library provides specific services and collections of interest to older adults, such as large-print fiction and non-fiction, books on tape, and materials on topics including health/aging issues, retirement and investments. We also provide service to individuals who would otherwise not have access to library materials, such as people who are homebound, institutionalized, or disabled. In order to make using the collection as easy as possible for all of our community, an Outreach Librarian can assist in browsing the catalog and helping select books of interest.

Additionally, the Library provides access to literally thousands of free Ebooks, which the Outreach Librarian can help demonstrate the download process to a device or smartphone. The Library's E-Media page will demonstrate how to get started enjoying Ebooks and Audiobooks today.

For further information please contact the Outreach Librarian, Tom Cummiskey, at 508-830-4250, ext. 248 or TTY 508-747-5882, email to